G-REG Conference 2021!

Kia ora. It’s been another one of those years! As it nears its end, it’s a good time to sit back, take stock, and have some conversations…
No Powerpoints. Just conversations. Conversations about what could make regulatory practice and stewardship work better. Conversations with frontline practitioners, Chief Executives, Crown-Maori relationship practitioners and Professors, and many more, but last, but not least, YOU!
The 2021 series of G-REG webinars features seven 30 minute snappy but shrewd conversations (and 5 films) are all FREE!
Come and join us. We’d love to hear from you.

Continuing Education

Watch this introductory video on G-REG

This video was made mid 2018. G-REG now has over 6,000 learners.

Why G-REG matters

G-REG’s vision is to make the people working in the regulatory sector better skilled, according to common standards, and more broadly aware of what being part of a wider professional regulatory community means.

In early 2015 G-REG was set up by chief executives to improve regulatory practice, regulatory leadership, regulatory culture, and workforce capability in and across state sector organisations and regulatory systems.

One of G-REG’s unique key features is that it joins up local and central government together in a way that has simply never happened before.

Our News

Keep up to date with what’s happening with G-REG and the regulatory profession.

G-REG Qualifications

a series of qualifications to formalise training and improve leadership, culture, and capability in regulatory practice throughout local and central government

Join the conversation

Sharing learnings is an important part of developing regulatory practice. Here’s where you can ask the questions and share your knowledge.

ANZSOG Webinars

G-REG has teamed up with the ANZSOG/NRCoP to make a whole array of new resources available free of charge to any interested Kiwi regulators.