Bibliography from the 2021 G-REG conference webinar episode 4 “International Trendsetting Conversations”

Prof Jeroen van der Heijden, Victoria University:

Section 7 on “Regulation as Public Service, Public Servants as Regulators” in “The Palgrave Handbook of the Public Servant”.  This book section of 7 chapters provides an overview of essential aspects of regulation that public servants of any creed (thus, also those not directly working on regulation) need to be aware of.

Governance for Urban Sustainability and Resilience,  This book provides an overview of the most common regulatory interventions and illustrates them with examples from our built environment (i.e., the regulation of buildings and cities).

Voluntary Programs for Low-Carbon Buildings and Cities This book looks specifically at voluntary programs (i.e., rule systems that are not backed by the force of law) as a means to achieve more environmentally sustainable buildings and cities.

Marcial Boo, Equality and Human Rights commission (UK), The Institute of Regulation (UK)

The Public Sector Fox This is a how-to guide for new and middle managers in the public sector, and so not specifically about regulation, but of relevance in the way discussed in the webinar

The Rules of Democracy This is due for publication in June next year and argues that democracy should be better regulated in ways that look to include more of a chance of solving global problems (such as climate change) and of improving local public services too.

Professor Grant Pink, University of Tasmania

Professor Pink’s publications, some of which are listed on his entry at the University of Tasmania most recently include  Pink, G. (2021) Navigating Regulatory Language: An A to Z Guide. RECAP Consultants Pty Ltd: Canberra   which was mentioned in the G-REG webinar.