About G-REG

G-REG is a network of central and local government regulatory agencies established to lead and contribute to regulatory practice initiatives. It works on actions that improve leadership, culture, regulatory practice and workforce capability in regulatory organisations and systems.

G-REG offers courses, workshops, and conferences.

It has three areas of focus:

The primary activity relates to the qualifications framework. G-REG leads the development and delivery of the qualifications, partnering with the state sector industry training organisation to do so.

Other actions planned or underway fall under the following themes:

  • The management of information to support regulatory activities
  • The exercise of discretion and the regulatory toolkit
  • Addressing risks and the perception of risks
  • Regulatory stewardship
  • The future of the qualifications

2022 – 2023
Work Programme

Following endorsement form the G-REG Chief Executives Group at their June meeting, we are pleased to share our work programme for the 2022-2023 year.

We’re still operating within the current strategy (2018-2023), but have some initiatives underway to support a refresh next year. Check it out below and if you have any comments or questions please get in touch with the team at g-reg@mbie.govt.nz

2022 – 2023 G-REG Work Programme

Want to know more?

Behind G-REG is a body of people with expertise in G-REG. Please feel free to send through any questions you may have.