Calling for G-REG Assessors

G-REG is currently providing opportunities for qualification graduates (Level 3 Core Knowledge and Level 4 Operational Knowledge) and Subject Matter Experts from across the sector to join the National G-REG Assessor Pool.

If you would like to become a certified assessor and expand your regulatory knowledge and skills by supporting others, then contact us to find out more

What does a G-REG assessor do?

An assessor is responsible for ensuring the quality, fairness, and validity of an assessment, and ensure the assessment process is impartial. In addition, they are responsible for reporting assessment decisions to Skills.

Trained assessors will receive scope to assess The New Zealand Certificate in Regulatory Compliance (Operational Practice) (Level 4) and The New Zealand Certificate in Regulatory Compliance (Level 5) with strands in Audit, Inspection, Investigation and Operations.

To find out more about the G-REG Level 4 Operational Practice and Level 5 Qualifications, go to the qualifications page page.

G-REG assessors will:

  • Be assigned no more than 10 learners to assess per year for either qualification
  • Plan assessment with learners and others involved in the assessment process
  • Guide learners on how best to collect evidence of their competence
  • Assess learners’ evidence against unit standard requirements using pre-moderated assessment resources
  • Provide feedback, arrange for re-assessment if necessary and advise on results
  • Maintain records of assessment activities
  • Participate in moderation where required
  • Assess learners from an organisation outside their own
  • Provide ongoing feedback to Skills and G-REG on the qualifications

What is the time commitment?

This will vary and initially may take more time until the assessor becomes familiar with the assessment process. The attached shows the process we will be using with these qualifications and the process that the assessor will follow with their learner. The following are the steps and estimated time for each:

Self-Assessment & Initial discussion with the learner1 hour
Evidence Portfolio evaluation4 hours
Assessment Interview1 hour
Administration1 hour
Assessment Support3 hours
Total per learner10 hours

Assessor Selection Process

  • As a minimum, individuals will need to meet the following criteria:
  • Have at least two years’ experience working in a regulatory role
  • Hold the qualification you will be assessing at the same level or above; OR demonstrate equivalent skills and knowledge
  • Have achieved unit standard 4098 (Use standards to assess candidate performance) within the last two years; OR have availability to attend a full day training to obtain the unit standard
  • Be a subject matter expert in one of the strands in the Specialised Operations qualification
  • Have agency endorsement and manager support
  • Ideally experience in coaching and providing constructive feedback
  • Be firm, fair and systematic in their approach
  • Able to demonstrate working positively with diverse groups
  • Sound written and verbal communication skills