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This is a one day course designed for investigators and compliance officers.
It provides a foundation for preparing for and conducting effective investigative
interviews of suspects and witnesses.The topics covered in the course include:

·         Principles of investigative interviewing

·         Background and the PEACE model

·         Application of the Bill of Rights and the principles of natural justice in interviews

·         Interview models for witnesses and suspects and effective introductions

·         Identifying topics from free recall and use of summaries

·         Questioning techniques

·         Active listening skills, use of silences to encourage further statements,
and avoiding interruptions

·         Management of exhibits

·         Conducting unannounced interviews

·         Health & safety in interviews

·         Challenge phase of an interview

·         Verbal and non-verbal cues – detecting deception

·         Interactions with legal counsel

·         Effective closing and evaluation

This is an interactive session and includes some short practical exercises to help explain and
demonstrate the theory involved.

Barrie Sutton and David Chrystall, Commerce Commission

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