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This event is part of Reimagining government – a six-part interactive webinar series being delivered in partnership with the Centre for Public Impact, a BCG Foundation, which will explore new models of government for the COVID-19 era and beyond.

The challenges facing government are often described as “knotty” or “wicked”. What this means is that there are no simple answers or solutions. It is precisely for this reason that public sector agencies should move away from an operating model which seeks to define technical solutions to public sector challenges; shifting instead to a model which centres on cultivating a culture of learning within agencies, and a culture which is tolerant of mistakes.

Join Dr Toby Lowe, Visiting Professor in Public Management, Centre for Public Impact, Sarah Hurcombe, Director, Human Centred Design, NSW Treasury and Dr Subho Banerjee, Research Program Director at ANZSOG to explore what learning and failure look like in government, and how it might be encouraged.