New Zealand Certificate in Regulatory Compliance (Operational Knowledge)

(Level 4)

For those who are either preparing to carry out, or are supporting others to carry out, frontline regulatory compliance work. This qualification is offered through the G-REG online Learning Management System (G-REG LMS)


This covers frontline officers, administrative support staff, technical advisers, and legal, policy, or communications advisers. It is also relevant to those supporting others to carry out these tasks. This qualification is a prerequisite for the operational practice (Level 4) qualification.

The modules

  • Operational knowledge: legal systems, powers and obligations, offences, and evidence
  • Core regulatory compliance activities
  • Using a range of regulatory compliance interventions
  • Communication in an operational context

The structure

As with the previous qualification, Skills will develop a plan to embed the qualification at an organisation, then learners will be enrolled onto the online Learning Management System (LMS). There are three modules in this package. The learner must complete the first module before the two case studies are released. The modules are self-paced and require less support than Core Knowledge. Organisations may choose to align their release with a workshop, or other added content specific to the context.

Learners can access the online learning platform from any computer with an internet connection, and work through the modules at a time that suits them.

The cost

Enrolment costs $350 + GST per learner.

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