New Zealand Diploma in Regulatory Compliance Investigations

(Level 6) COMING SOON!

For those who lead, manage, and conduct complex investigations.  As this qualification involves practical elements, it will be assessed using naturally occurring evidence from the workplace by assessors.


The qualification programme covers the advanced skills required to carry out complex regulatory compliance investigations. These may involve other agencies and may also involve complex and multiple legal angles, uncooperative subjects, risk, and the application of specialised knowledge of the law.

The Modules

  • Planning, managing and leading complex regulatory compliance investigations
  • Advanced investigation skills covering: high potential risk, consequences or liability, complex or multiple legal aspects, managing complex relationships, uncooperative subjects, management of risks relating to lengthy investigations
  • Applying specialised knowledge of investigative practice
  • Applying specialised knowledge of the law in relation to investigative practice, including legislation relating to evidence

The cost

Enrolment costs $1,000 + GST per learner.

Supporting Documents

G-REG Qualifications Overview

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