Regulatory Stewardship

Regulatory stewardship involves adopting a whole-of-system approach to a regulatory system, which relies on taking a proactive and collaborative approach to the care of the regulatory system(s) including taking an integrated approach to regulatory design, implementation, monitoring and review.

As part of the G-REG Practice Initiative, a Working Group made up of  central government, local government and crown entity representatives focuses on regulatory stewardship and good regulatory practice. The focus of the Working Group has been informed by Treasury’s Government Expectations for Good Regulatory Practice (April 2017).

Work already completed by this working group includes the Good practice guide for regulatory stewardship and the publication of an article in Policy Quarterly reflecting the collective insights from the working group entitled Regulatory Stewardship: Voice of the regulator, please see below.

The Working Group is currently trialling an approach to support regulatory stewardship by focusing on sharing regulatory practice through informal peer learning discussions. These informal discussions occur between regulators to discuss a topic of interest and seek beneficial learning and sharing of good practice. For more information about peer learning initiatives, please go to the Peer Learning page.


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